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Dr. Jackie's Point of V

Feb 17, 2022

In any healing journey, it’s important to take some time to sit with who and where we are. Every decision and experience in our lives—good or bad—has been necessary to lead us to this very moment.  In this episode, Dr. Jackie is joined by Sharron Lynn, an author, Broadway performer, certified mindfulness instructor, and all-around wellness enthusiast, to discuss the power of journaling to heal the soul. Sharron and Dr. Jackie share their centering go-to mantras, favorite self-care practices and discuss Sharron's new book, Soul Healing: A Guided Journal for Black Women, a book filled with affirmations, activities, journal prompts, anecdotes, and inspiring quotes that support Black Women in living more fully and loving themselves more fiercely.


To purchase Sharron's book Soul Healing: A Guided Journal for Black Women, visit:, and to connect with her on IG, follow her @iamsharronlynn.


To join Sharron's Breathe Flow Be, a wellness community of self-lovers, visit:


Connect with me on IG @therealdrjackie and check out my book THE QUEEN V for more sex, intimacy and down there health care tips!


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